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◉ He started playing the Guitar as a complete self-taught ...learning directly in the field: playing with friends (and learning from them), listening and improvising on everything that passed on Radio and TV, trying to imitate his Guitar Idols, gaining experience with local bands, going to concerts and capturing the secrets of those who were already good at it! 

◉ He grew up in a family/environment that did NOT welcome Music and was barred from the opportunity to move elsewhere to give himself a chance or a boost! 😞

...BUT, absurdly, what should have made him give up and make him abandon Music has instead played a decisive role in laying the foundations of the current strongly unconventional personality 💪, free from the dictates and negative influences of judgments and pressures. 

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◉ The first individual lessons taught him came in adulthood, imparted by "a certain Frank Gambale", during a limited number of students intensive 2-day, Music and Guitar "hands-on" Camp in Savona (Italy) in 1999.  

Subsequently he graduated from the U.M. (University of Music, Rome) completing the entire study and exam program in just one year.  

He has played in the most disparate genres, meeting Musicians of many backgrounds and levels.  

After discovering that he has a strong aptitude for teaching, in 2006 he founded his own Music School too (with a Recording Studio attached), where over the years he has welcomed hundreds of Students, both Guitar and other instruments (such as Drums, Piano , Keyboards, Singing, Bass, Violin and more). Here he involved several other Musicians. This facility is currently operational. 

To date, he has been OFFICIALLY a MUSIC PROFESSIONAL continuously for well over 20 years. 

Composes Music, since adolescence!  
In all these years, the innate spirit of research and experimentation and the need to express himself have led him to deepen many aspects related to Music Production (experimenting Cinematic Music, Film Scoring and Sound Design too).  

Gradually EQUIPPING HIMSELF more and more and for the better, to obtain the ideal quality and results he was looking for, he came to set up his own park of  instruments and specific equipment for Music Production!  

Recent advances in Technology and Communication (especially in the last decade) provided him the necessary tools + has canceled certain distances + has finally allowed him to establish ANYWAY interesting and profitable WORKING RELATIONSHIPS from anywhere!  

◉ A FUNDAMENTAL TURNING POINT in his career occurred at the end of 2020: he was noticed and recruited to PROVIDE A CONTINUOUS CONTRIBUTION for different types of services to Artists and other Producers from various backgrounds, musical genres and importance.
Currently as "ghost producer", also appreciated for his precision at work, reliability and attitude of not showing off, he is gradually gaining authority inside "the building".

He offers GUITAR TRACKING and/or contributes to various steps of PRODUCTION, SOUND DESIGN, COMPOSITION, ARRANGEMENT and more ... and at the same time has the precious opportunity to expand exponentially his knowledge of the industry and to improve his skills to 360 degrees!  

◉ Motivated by them, he also started a path as an INDEPENDENT ARTIST.

◉ At the same time, HE IS WORKING HARD and tirelessly continuous improvement and constantly connected with various teamworks, to earn a certain kind of attention within the Music Production/Business sector and among Artists.


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